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Coffey, who wrote The Private Equity Playbook(2019) and has “bought, sold, and financed around one hundred companies in twenty years,” makes a compelling argument for owners to prepare for a business sale years before they’re ready. Whether or not they heed that sound advice, entrepreneurs are sure to benefit from the author’s wisdom. This four-part “playbook” covers the bases: looking at buyers, preparing a business for sale, working with advisers, and managing the sale process. Part 1 addresses two basic types of buyers: strategic and financial. Coffey compares and contrasts them, supplying insights into each. Included is a nifty formula to estimate the size of a target financial buyer. A brief section discusses other buyer types, including Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, which are currently in vogue. Part 2 is all about preparing for a business sale; the information shared by the author here is invaluable. Coffey provides a clear definition of the variations of “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciations, and amortization”—“a measure by which all companies are valued by most strategic and financial buyers.” He deftly explains such key financial terms as cash-basedversus accrual-based accounting, generally accepted accounting practices, and quality of earnings.  Read full review at

—Kirkus Reviews for the Exit Strategy Playbook

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Adam is an exceptional leader and a genuine partner. Under his stewardship, CoolSys grew into a market-leading platform that became the preferred employer for technicians and the preferred buyer for acquisition targets. He assembled a top-flight management on the vision of what the platform could be, and then he delivered. In three short years, he stripped down a sleepy business and built up an industry powerhouse, generating an extraordinary return to his investors. One of the best CEOs I’ve partnered with.

David Wong

Managing Director, Audax Private Equity

Adam Coffey is a phenomenal leader. I had the privilege to consult to his firm over a couple years and saw first-hand the impact he had, inspiring people in the company, driving exceptional growth through a clear successful strategy, leading change to scale/upgrade systems, processes, IT, talent management, etc. All while maintaining best-of-class customer service, satisfaction and retention, and keeping the legacy “family spirit” and entrepreneurial mindset thriving, even as the firm grows across countries and integrates acquisitions. Truly exceptional leadership, consistently, over time. I was so impressed, I asked Adam the favor of being a guest speaker for one of my MBA classes at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He was so inspiring to those graduate students, that by popular demand I’ve asked him to come share his insights to my other classes too, for Executive MBAs, etc. He’s been incredibly generous, always making the time over several years and counting, donating his time and expertise to help these developing leaders in ways that will have a huge ripple effect for them and others they influence. He’s a role-model for them and for me. Phenomenal leader, inspiring speaker, generous mentor.

John Ullman, PhD

Leadership Consultant, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Professor

I was fortunate to work closely with Adam for eight years that my private equity firm was the majority investor in WASH. Adam was a terrific partner and is one of the best CEOs that I’ve encountered over the course of my career in private equity. He possesses a great combination of strong operational skills and strategic vision. Adam and I continue to evaluate opportunities together, and I welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Richard Lobo

Partner at CHS Capital and founding partner at Muirlands Capital

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